How to Keep Rodents Out This Winter

November 7, 2018

It’s that time of year again - time to prepare for winter. This means different things to different people, depending on their particular circumstances.

For some, it’s a simple matter of pulling out their warmer clothing and turning up the thermostat. Others begin chopping and stacking firewood to last them through the winter. Some people take steps to winterize their homes. Others don’t think so much about the weather, but begin to plan for the upcoming winter holidays.

rodent on a barrel

In the animal kingdom, many different animals prepare for winter as well. Some bulk up to get ready for hibernation. Others simply die off until spring. Some fly south to warmer climates. And then there are the ones who look for shelter that will keep them warm, dry, fed, and watered through the winter - rodents are one such species.

As fall progresses, the weather gets colder and food becomes more scarce, so they instinctively know that they need to find a place to live. The shelter they choose must be warm and it ideally will also provide a food and water source. This makes your home the perfect location for rodents in need of lodging.

As you prepare for winter this year, whether that typically means just pulling out the winter clothing or includes more involved activities, it’s important that you add “prevent rodents from entering the house” to your to-do list. While they may seem like cute, furry little critters that wouldn’t harm a flea, rodents are actually quite good at causing costly destruction and health hazards to your home and family.

Follow these prevention tips to keep your home safe from a rodent infestation this winter:

Keep your yard well-maintained. Trim the grass and remove debris from trees, shrubs, and bushes.

The fewer hiding places near your home, the better.

  • Keep outdoor garbage cans tightly covered. Uncovered or partially open lids welcome rodents to a new food source.
  • Don’t leave pet food or bird food outside, as this can serve as another sign that your home will provide food.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed away from your house. Trees that extend close to your roof provide an easy access point for rodents to climb from tree to roof and then into your house.
  • Inspect the outside of your house for entry points. These include cracks in the foundation, holes in siding, uncapped chimneys, open vents, pet doors, and more. Fill or fix any errant openings that you find. Cover vents and cap your chimney. Remember that some rodents can fit through a space the size of a nickel, so don’t overlook small openings.
  • Inside your home, keep clutter to a minimum to prevent hiding and nesting spots.
  • Clean up spills and messes immediately. Don’t leave dirty dishes on countertops or other surfaces.
  • Store food in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers.
  • Take out the trash frequently.
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly.

If you’ve done all this and still discover that rodents have managed to gain entry to your house, or if they invaded before you had a chance to “rodent-proof” your home, call the experts at A-1 Pest Control for help. Removing rodents from your home is not something you want to try on your own. Not only could you be injured or bitten by a rodent with a disease, they are very good at hiding and many DIY extermination methods do not take care of the whole problem.

A-1 Pest Control has the knowledge and tools to not only eliminate your current rodent problem, but also to ensure that they don’t come back. Let us help you cross one item off your winter to-do list.

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