Stopping North Carolina Bed Bugs in Late Fall

November 13, 2018

Many animals seem to be seasonal, meaning, we see them at certain times of year and then during other parts of the year they seem to disappear. Certain birds, for example, show up in spring, stick around for summer, then head further south during colder months.

bed bug up close in north carolina home

There are many insects that follow this pattern, as well. They don’t migrate, but they do only hang around for the summer before disappearing when winter hits.

However, there are other insects that remain active all year long. One such insect is the bed bug. Bed bugs are primarily an indoor pest. The most likely places to discover them are in homes, hotels, and businesses.

Bed bugs enjoy the indoors for a few reasons:

  • They prefer warm temperatures, which indoor locations typically provide year-round.
  • They need blood meals to survive, which homes, hotels, and businesses usually have in spades.
  • They are excellent travelers, hitching rides on clothes, bags, and luggage, which makes it very easy for them to move from building to building.

All of these factors mean that even though most bugs have all but vanished in this late fall weather, bed bugs are alive and well, and all too ready to settle into your home for the winter.

While there is evidence that bed bugs might spread disease, it has not been confirmed, so you may wonder if a bed bug infestation is that much of a problem. Unfortunately, even if they don’t make you sick, bed bugs do cause several problems for home owners and business owners alike.

  • Bed bugs bite. In order to get their blood meal, they’ll bite you, usually while you sleep. These bites can be itchy and uncomfortable, and if you scratch them raw, it could lead to infection.
  • Bed bugs reproduce quickly. One or two bed bugs might not seem like a problem, but given a bit of time, even a few bed bugs can grow their numbers to huge quantities.
  • Bed bugs leave waste behind. Not only will you start seeing specks of blood on your sheets from where they bit you, you may also notice brown and black streaks where they urinated and defecated.
  • Bed bugs stink. Given a large enough population, you may start to notice a musty smell.
  • Bed bugs give off histamines, which could trigger allergies in some people.
  • Bed bugs are bad for business. If bed bugs invade your hotel or business and word gets out, it will certainly impact your business in a negative way.

If you discover bed bugs in your home, you may be tempted to try to treat them yourself. This is a bad idea. DIY treatments are usually ineffective and, in some cases, can be dangerous. If you choose a chemical treatment, for instance, you could leave residue behind that could be harmful to your family. Plus many bed bugs have become resistant to pesticides and your treatment may not work. Bed bugs are also excellent at hiding, so even if you’re partially successful at eliminating them, there’s a high likelihood that some were out of range, meaning you’ll end up with a problem again once they come out of hiding and begin to reproduce.

Your best option, when confronted with a bed bug infestation, is to seek professional help. The experts at A-1 Pest Control use the safest and most effective bed bug treatments. If the problem is caught early, we can use conventional treatment methods. If your bed bug infestation is more widespread, heat treatment is the best option. Bed bug heat treatments are completely safe for your home, family, and possessions, and they are incredibly effective at eliminating every bed bug in your home or place of business.

Don’t let a bed bug problem grow unchecked. Call A-1 Pest Control to get the help you need!

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