What if Your Business Has a Pest Problem?

September 26, 2019

Encountering a pest problem in your home is bad enough; a pest problem in your business offers a new set of challenges to tackle. Whether it’s rodents or other wildlife, or a swarm of insects, if your business is being invaded by some kind of nuisance, there’s risk of structural damage to the building, not to mention a situation that can be both irritating and, in some cases, downright dangerous for you, your employees and your customers. So, what are the signs pests have moved into your business, and what can you do to stop them? 

Signs of a Commercial Pest Infestation 

Warning signs of a commercial pest infestation aren’t much different from those that you would find in a residential infestation. These include: 

●  Structural damage- Holes in walls or floors, gnaw marks, or mysteriously damaged wood are all indications that some sort of pest is taking shelter in your business. Wood damage is something to be particularly mindful of, because that can mean a termite or carpenter ant infestation, which can do some serious damage to your business space if it isn’t taken care of as quickly as possible. 
●  Droppings/Waste- Wildlife and insects will all leave some sort of visible waste; wildlife will leave behind very visible clusters of droppings, and insects will often leave small molted skins around that are visually identifiable. Also be on the lookout for dark streaks on walls, as these can be a sign of mice or rats; rodents often leave a greasy trail along the paths that they frequently run. 
●  Yard and Plant Damage- If you have a yard space or plants in or on your business property, keep a keen eye on any damage that you may notice. Lawn damage can come in the form of burrowed holes or torn up patches (usually caused by wildlife), or dead/dying patches of grass and plants--usually a sign that beetles, crickets, or flies are munching on the lawn. 
●  Pest Sounds- Pests, and particularly wildlife critters, will usually squeak, screech, or scratch. If you consistently hear these sorts of sounds, there’s a high probability that pests are somewhere in the building. 

Where Will Pests Hide? 

Depending on the kind of business you operate, and what sort of pest is present, hiding places can vary, but a good rule of thumb is to be mindful of any area that will give a pest easy access to warmth, moisture, and food. For most pests, anywhere near a kitchen or pantry is an ideal space, so employee kitchens/pantries beware! While pests won’t hide right out in the open, they will find spaces in walls, ceilings, or floors to hide in that are near a food source, so that they can safely camp out until the coast is clear. 

Kitchens can be particularly high in pest activity if you are a restaurant owner, because of the sheer bulk of food that is stored in restaurant kitchens. Therefore, it’s so important to keep shared kitchen areas that see a lot of traffic clean, and as free of dirty dishes and food crumbs as you possibly can. If you have a basement in your business space, this another appealing place for pests, especially if there is any pipe leakage or clutter down there; pests thrive and breed in moist environments, and cluttered areas gives them a wealth of opportunity to hide in spaces that they deem safe. You’ll want to make sure that your basement space isn’t building up an excess of moisture and try to keep things as neat and tidy as you possibly can. 

Even if you keep a clean space, pests will frankly still look for ways to enter your business anywhere that they can. Any holes or cracks on the exterior of your building-even tiny in size- can act as an entry point, which is why having and maintaining solid structural protections can be the difference between a pest-free work zone and an infestation. Pests will try to find any nook and cranny that they can, especially if you have an appealing space, so be aware of any unusual sounds coming from walls, ceilings, and floors. 

What Can I Do About a Commercial Pest Problem? 

Pest presence in your business can quickly turn into a major problem, and every company has its own unique set of problems; at A-1 Pest Control, we understand that, and have created customized commercial pest treatment accordingly. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a multi-step process that is built specifically with your business in mind. An A-1 tech will consult with you to determine the scale of pest problems that you are experiencing, and following an inspection, will begin to develop a program that aims to solve current pest problems and prevent future ones. 

Once a plan is fully fleshed out, it will be implemented to eliminate any existing pests. As a part of IPM, out tech will also continue to monitor the situation to ensure that all of the pests are gone and that the program has been successful; we will report our findings, and recommend any adjustments to the program that can make it more effective, if needed. We have extensive experience with a range of different industries, and we use that experience to build personalized programs made to last. 

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