Why Carpenter Ants Are Still Tunneling in Fall

October 11, 2018

As we enter the fall months we also enter the end of ant season, with one exception; carpenter ants will continue to be active and are very common in the fall, especially as warmer temperatures continue in the Lenoir area. Carpenter ants are unlike other ants as they tunnel inside your home.

carpenter ant in lenoir home

Even when temperatures drop, the protection that your home offers from the elements keeps carpenter ants busy.

Carpenter Ant Damage and How to Spot It

In general carpenter ants are just a nuisance pest as they don’t tend to carry disease, bite, sting or otherwise harm humans. The problem with carpenter ants is that they can infest your Lenoir, NC home in large numbers and, as they tunnel through your wood structures, they can cause a mess and cause damage to your home. 

You should periodically look for signs of carpenter ant damage in your basement, crawl spaces, attic and other areas where you might find problems with damp wood in places such as around windows, bathtubs, or under sinks. Carpenter ants prefer soft damp wood so anywhere where wood may be wet is a key location to check.

Things to look for include smooth holes in your wood and sawdust-like piles from the ants hollowing out tunnels.

It’s a bit harder in the fall to see discarded wings from the springtime swarmers but you may see them if the area hasn’t been disturbed, perhaps in cobwebs in a crawlspace. You might also see the carpenter ants at night searching for food and returning to the nest.

Professional Prevention of Carpenter Ants

Professional prevention for carpenter ants is essential in keeping your Lenoir home ant-free. It is nearly impossible to prevent carpenter ant infestations yourself. Carpenter ants establish their main colony outdoors in old logs, trees, decaying wood and the like. What you find in your home are the satellite nests. Removing all of the nesting locations is key to keeping them away. DIY chemical sprays can be harmful to you as you apply them, and they rarely work.

Sometimes trying yourself makes it worse as the carpenter ants scatter and start new colonies! 

A-1 Pest Control offers the Lenoir area the absolute best in ant control. Our highly trained technicians will help you with a year-round pest control plan that will prevent carpenter ants and other pests from invading your home. It’s not too late to give us a call to help rid your home of carpenter ants this fall. 

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