Why Carpenter Bee Infestations Are a Serious Threat to NC Homes

August 15, 2018

Carpenter bees can be one of those pests that sneak up on you, doing damage without anyone realizing until it’s too late! Many people confuse these bees with the bumblebee. If you don’t know what carpenter bees look like and how to distinguish them from other species, read our previous article on how to do so. 

carpenter bee up close

Carpenter bees like to make their home in soft, unpainted wood. Therefore, they may find wooden items on your property appealing such as decks, playgrounds, and landscaping products. These bees can cause damage similar to that which carpenter ants are capable of. Hiding inside wooden products and being misidentified may allow the damage to go unnoticed for quite some time, so it’s important to notice the signs. There are a few things to be on the lookout for; small piles of sawdust and tunnels found in wood framework. The waste they secrete ends up on the outside of the infested wood, which you may notice as a yellow or brown stain. There may also be a buzzing noise coming from inside the infested wood. The most obvious sign is recognizing the bees themselves flying in and around your home.

Carpenter bees do not feed on the wood, but rather weaken it while building their nests. These bees are not social like the bumblebee, so the sole purpose of the drilling behavior is to make a home for their babies. Severe damage can be caused if woodpeckers show up to feed on the larvae. Attracted to the food that’s inside the wood, they will happily peck away at it to get to them. This causes even more disastrous damage. Once that damage is done, it allows access to water damage as well. Having this kind of damage to a home is devastating, not to mention overwhelming for a homeowner.

Our previous blog will give you a few tips on how to prevent carpenter bee infestations. Prevention is always the best method! Carpenter bees are a creature of habit and are likely to return year after year to the same nesting place, if allowed to. This makes it extremely hard to eradicate these bees for good. On top of that, getting rid of carpenter bees needs to be done carefully. Bees (yes, even carpenter bees) play a very important role in our ecosystem by pollinating plants. We depend on them indirectly for our food sources. In this article by the experts at UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, we see that it is estimated that one-third of our food source relies on bees. While there are many good DIY solutions out there for a number of different problems we face each day, DIY solutions for bees can be dangerous for both the bees and family members that may be exposed to dangerous solutions, not to mention there is always the potential to cause problems for our ecosystem. 

Since carpenter bees require extra attention and careful removal, it is necessary to have a trained expert help in this process. Give us a call at A-1 Pest Control today to find out which of our residential pest control solutions meets your needs most. We can help you remove these bees in an eco-friendly manner that is sure not to harm the bees or your family members. 

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