Why to Call a Professional for Wildlife Problems in North Carolina

February 8, 2019

The weather has now brought us into the frigid air of winter. Whether you prefer warm over cold or winter over summer, there are some positives and negatives about this time of year just as there are for other seasons.

With the brisk winter chill and the possibility of incoming snow, many of the summer pests we faced—such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas—have either found somewhere to avoid the winter chill or have died off. This leaves us with fewer insect pests. Yet, in their place come many wildlife creatures that want to stay warm this winter just as much as we do. What better place to hunker down for the cooler months than the warm, safe, and food-filled shelter of our homes?

raccoons near north carolina home

Ways Wildlife Get into Homes and the Damage They Cause

Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats, mice, skunks, and several other wildlife pests tend to invade North Carolina homes once temperatures have dropped below a comfortable climate. 

Many of these wildlife pests will enter homes through cracks or gaps around doors and windows.
Some of the larger pests use small gaps in your roofline or foundation to tear larger openings to get into your attic or underneath your porch. 

Rodents damage homes once they are inside. They achieve this by chewing on wires, piping, and wooden structures. Raccoons and skunks can cause major problems with their tenacity to destroy elements of your home, and all wildlife pests can cause enough problems to ruin your winter.

Why DIY Methods Don't Work to Keep Wildlife Out

While it is important to get any wildlife creature out of your home as soon as possible, removing them on your own with DIY methods often do not work. They can even make the situation worse in some cases. Homemade traps may be faulty, guiding animals out can be dangerous, and using baiting or lure traps could draw in more pests without actually capturing the pests that are already within your home.

Many creatures can become aggressive when cornered or threatened. Aggression may not seem like much of a problem with mice or squirrels, but skunks, opossums, and raccoons can cause severe injuries to you or your family if they are not dealt with properly. Additionally, many of these wildlife pests carry bacteria or diseases, and getting bit by a bat or skunk with rabies can be a major health concern.

Why Professional Help is the Best Way to Get Rid of Wildlife

Removing wildlife pests from your home should never include DIY removal methods. Instead, it is much better to contact a professional wildlife control expert to find and remove your pest problem. A-1 Pest Control uses a variety of removal methods, including exclusionary tactics, inspections, trapping, and expert pest treatments.

Make sure you keep yourself and your home protected with one of our home pest control plans. Don’t wait for pests to damage the integrity of your home, contact A-1 Pest Control for more information about all our pest control solutions.

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