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Situated on the western shores of Lake Norman, Denver, North Carolina, is just north of Charlotte and stretches both north and south along Highway 16.  A great place to live, especially for commuters traveling to Charlotte and Hickory, the only drawback is that insects, rodents, and wildlife are attracted to this community as well.  Since 1966, A-1 Pest Control has been protecting North Carolina communities from pests and the damage they cause.  With over five decades of experience, residents and business owners of Denver, NC can count on our team to keep their properties pest-free.

Get Rid of Termites In Denver, NC

Termites in North Carolina are a huge problem.  In fact, they’re a problem throughout the U.S (with the exception of Alaska), causing over $5 billion in damages annually.  At A-1 Pest Control, we know termites. We’ve been exterminating these destructive pests for over 50 years, and have the best termite control solutions in the industry.

Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

Developed by Dow AgroSciences, the Sentricon System is an in-ground termite baiting system that attracts termites with bait that is more desirable to them then wood.  Once termites consume the bait, they cannot mature.  When they maturation process is halted, the entire colony of termites will expire, including the queen.  If there’s no queen to reproduce, the colony cannot re-infest


A liquid termite treatment used to exterminate subterranean termites, it is applied along your foundation to take out the colony. When foraging termites come into contact with Termidor, they become carriers and spread the product throughout the colony.  The result- complete colony elimination.

In addition to our effective termite control in Denver, A-1 Pest Control’s termite services also include termite inspections and termite pre-treatments.  We have a long history of working successfully with property owners, builders, and real estate agents.  Reach out to learn more!

Termite sentricon system

Commercial Pest Control In Denver, North Carolina

At A-1 Pest Control, its our mission to protect the companies that conduct business in Denver, North Carolina from the insects and rodents that threaten the health of their employees and patrons as well as their products and facilities.

Because there is no one size fits all solution for companies battling bugs and rodents, the services we provide businesses are developed based on the needs of the individual client.

We’ll start with a consultation and pest inspection to get a better understanding of your facility and its pest pressures.  After that, we’ll develop and implement a plan of action that will reduce pest activity to acceptable thresholds.

Finally, A-1 will conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure the building remains pest-free.

When you choose A-1 for commercial pest control in Denver, you can expect services that exceed your expectations and thorough documentation demonstrating your company’s compliance for cleanliness and pest control standards in your industry.

Lenoi termite treatment

Home Pest Control In Denver, NC

Home ownership is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking.  Maintaining a home that you take pride in is a lot of work.  Let A-1 Pest Control help you protect your home and your loved ones from nuisance and potentially dangerous pests such as ants and mice.

Family owned and operated A-1 Pest Control is a North Carolina pest control company that takes pride in eliminating threats posed by insects and rodents.

We’ve developed our Home Shield program to get rid of common household pests and to keep them out.  What’s more, we offer plans that not only address the insects and mice that sneak inside but also seasonal pests like fire ants, mosquitoes, and fleas as well as the highly destructive termite.

Visit our home pest control page to view our plans and pricing.

Hey Denver, North Carolina, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

If you're waking up covered in tiny little red bites or you see evidence of bed bugs on your mattress and sheets, you need to take action immediately. Bed bug infestations can grow rapidly and the more bed bugs you have in your home – the harder it is to get rid of them. A-1 Pest Control offers both chemical and heat treatments for getting rid of bed bugs in Denver. We'll inspect your home to determine how large your bed bug infestation is, and then determine which elimination method will offer the best results.

For commercial properties dealing with bed bugs, A-1 Pest Control can help as well!  We know the stigma attached to having bed bugs in your home and will handle the matter quickly and discreetly!

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