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A-1 Gets Rid Of Bed Bugs 

Discreet Bed Bug Removal Solutions For Residential & Commercial Properties

Bed bugs are an issue that plague most areas of the country, including North Carolina.  At A-1 Pest Control, we have a team of expert exterminators ready to help eliminate bed bug infestations wherever they arise.

We specialize in the effective removal of bed bugs from homes, hospitals, offices, schools, churches, dorms, summer camps, nursing homes, movie theaters, and especially hotels.  Our bed bug extermination professionals know how to look for all of the tell-tale signs of bed bugs, both clearly visible and those that are harder to see.  A-1 Pest technicians will provide an expert approach for treating your problem and our results are guaranteed.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

A-1 Pest Control knows that a bed bug infestation can be, at the very least, an embarrassing situation to deal with.  It can be damaging to a business’ reputation and result in significant stress for residential and commercial property owners alike.  When you reach out to us for a free estimate to get rid of your bed bug problem, you can count on our team to work with you to develop a discreet bed bug removal plan using our simple, straightforward bed bug extermination process.

  • Initial Meeting

    One of our expert technicians will meet with you to discuss your situation and to perform a free inspection of your home or business, provide treatment recommendations, and write up a quote for services.

  • Preparation

    Prior to your bed bug service, we will share with you the steps necessary to prepare for your scheduled treatment.  This may include removing pets and plants, getting rid of any clutter and throwing away anything that you can, and removing any lose articles of clothing, bedding, and items that can be washed or dry cleaned.

  • Bed Bug Treatment

    We will either do a chemical or heat treatment of the infested location, depending on the need of the client and the determination made during the initial meeting.

  • Follow Up

    Depending on the type of bed bug treatment performed, A-1 Pest Control will schedule a follow up visit.  For heat, that visit is scheduled seven days after the treatment is performed.  Chemical treatments may require multiple visits to ensure bed bugs are gone. 

  • Bed Bug Guarantee

    Regardless of the treatment method we use, we offer a 60-day guarantee of our bed bug control services.


Our Bed Bug Control Methods

We employ two different methods of bed bug treatment and work with you to determine which method is best for your situation. 

a-1 technician inspecting a bed for bed bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

We have a proven method for getting rid of bed bugs with heat. Heat treatment is often used for areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels and other public locations where people are coming in and out of the facility.  It is also used in homes that have been infested by these biting pests.

The benefit of heat treatment is that no chemicals are used and the treatment can be completed in a matter of hours and the bed bugs are typically gone after one treatment.    

The room is heated with professional equipment for many hours to ensure adult bed bugs as well as nymphs and bed bug eggs are eliminated.

bed bug crawling across bed

Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

Chemical treatments are used in both residential and commercial environments to eliminate bed bugs – in all stages of their development.  The products and materials our team uses is powerful in eliminating existing pests and leaves a barrier of protection against future infestations. 

With chemical bed bug treatments, product is applied to baseboards, floorboards, and walls as well as other surfaces and areas our licensed technicians deem necessary.


Please contact A-1 Pest control at the first sign of bed bugs so that we can discreetly and effectively rid you of this inconvenient problem.


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