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Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and along I-40 between Charlotte and Asheville, Hickory is a great place to call home.  Unfortunately, insects and rodents love Hickory as much as those who live and work in the city which is why locally owned and operated A-1 Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control services in Hickory and has been for over 50 years. 

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Home Pest Control in Hickory, NC

Our team of expert pest control technicians have experience eliminating common household pests from homes in Hickory and Western North Carolina. We practice an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to ensure we are using the least amount of pesticides while obtaining the maximum results.

We have both one-time pest control services to eliminate your existing pest infestation and a year-round home pest control program that includes quarterly visits to ensure your home remains pest-free every season throughout the year.

When you call us with your pest problems, we’ll come out and inspect your home to figure out what type of pests are causing a problem and how large of an infestation you have. Armed with this information, we will then determine what steps to take to eliminate the pest infestation indoors, and create an outside barrier to prevent future pests from getting into your home.  Learn more about home pest control plans and pricing.


Hickory, North Carolina Termite Control

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Located in a moderate termite zone, Hickory is no stranger to termites or the problems they cause. 

Specifically, subterranean termites are the wood-destroying insects that cause the most problems for property owners in Hickory and throughout North Carolina. 

These elusive pests normally live below ground but will travel through mud tubes to find a food source.  While they enjoy feasting on rotting logs and decaying organic material, they also love water-damaged wood inside homes and businesses. Once inside, they will continue to consume wood and wood by-products 24/7/365 – all in secret of course! That is until the termite damage increases to where it’s noticeable (which can take years). 

If you’ve discovered tiny white bugs in the soil around your home, have noticed that your floors are sagging or walls sound hollow when tapped, you might have a termite infestation. 

For accurate identification and termite treatments that eliminate foraging termites and the entire colony, A-1 Pest Control is the ideal choice! Visit our termite control page for more information on how our experts get rid of termites for good!

No Matter What The Pest, We're Here To Help

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In business since 1966, there isn’t a pest problem we have not encountered.  We’re confident we can protect your home, your business, and the quality of life for your family, employees, and patrons.  In addition to the solutions previously mentioned, we offer a variety of services including, but not limited to:


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