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Professional solutions to stop starlings, sparrow, and other pest birds from damaging property.

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Don’t Let Pest Birds Take Over Your Property

Bird Control & Deterrent Solutions For Homes & Businesses

Birds can be a complete nuisance for both commercial property owners and homeowners in North Carolina. Known for leaving a mess everywhere they go, they can also damage buildings and machinery, clog gutters, stain signs, sidewalks and buildings as well as other property. Some birds may even transmit diseases to humans and domestic pets through their droppings.  If your property has become a hangout for nuisance and destructive birds including starlings, swallows, sparrows, woodpeckers, and pigeons, A-1 Pest Control can help.

Our Bird Control Process

A-1 Pest Control’s bird control services have been designed to eliminate existing bird activity and prevent them from returning.  Our process for controlling nuisance and damaging pest birds includes the following:

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  • Inspection
    We will send a pest control technician to inspect your property and determine what type of birds are causing the problems and how significant the infestation is.
  • Development of Customized Treatment Plan & Quote
    Once we know what type of birds we’re dealing with, we can create a customized treatment plan which may use a combination of bird netting and bird spikes along with exclusion services.
  • Implement Plan
    We’ll implement the treatment plan and rid your commercial or residential property from the nuisance birds.
  • Bird Control Guarantee
    We offer a 12-month guarantee on our bird control exclusion services.

Methods Used To Stop Starlings & Other Pest Birds

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  • Bird Netting
    Bird netting is a long-lasting solution to nuisance bird infestations. It is especially useful with swallows and pigeons but can be used for other types of birds as well. Bird netting can protect valuable areas of your property and areas where birds are flying into semi-enclosed spaces and creating nests. At A-1 Pest Control, we often use bird nets for warehouse ceilings, stadiums, garden areas, bridges and underpasses, and more.
  • Bird Spikes
    When you’re dealing with larger bird species, bird spikes can prevent the birds from landing on ledges and rooflines. We install the spikes as discreetly as possible, and the birds will seek out other areas to roost.
  • Bird Exclusion
    The best long-term solution for bird control involves exclusion and modifying the habitat to discourage birds from coming in the first place. When you reduce the availability and access to protective shelter, birds will naturally look for new places to build their nests.

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