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The community in Lenoir, NC is full of creative energy. It’s a place where people build their future through entrepreneurship, such as those who put Lenoir on the map as the furniture manufacturing center of the South; to those who research and develop new pharmaceuticals. Residents and visitors of Lenoir enjoy exercising along the Greenway trails in view of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains landscape. Located on Morganton Boulevard, A-1 Pest Control has been part of the Lenoir community for over 50 years, providing comprehensive pest control services for both homes and businesses. 

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Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Lenoir, North Carolina

One of the most dreaded of pests in North Carolina are also among the smallest: bed bugs. No one wants to deal with a bed bug infestation. It’s embarrassing and difficult to get rid of. A-1 Pest Control understands the intense discomfort a bed bug infestation causes for people and will handle the situation discreetly to eliminate your bed bug problem.

Our bed bug treatments involve heat or chemical-based treatments. One of our professional and experienced bed bug technicians will visit your property to inspect and determine the extent of your bed bug infestation. Once a plan is created, we’ll schedule an appointment for either the heat or chemical treatment, depending on your needs, and set up follow up visits to ensure all of the bed bugs have been successfully eliminated. We provide 60-day guarantees for our bed bug control services in Lenoir, NC.  Visit our bed bug control page for more information!

Complete Home Pest Control In Lenoir, NC

With the traditionally mild weather of North Carolina, homeowners experience pest problems all year round. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of ants, roaches, spiders and other household pests and keep them out without success - A-1 Pest Control can help. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods for successfully getting rid of pests using the least amount of pesticides possible.

Our home pest control solutions can be applied in a one-time treatment or can be applied quarterly to ensure you have a pest-free home throughout all four seasons. We treat the interior of your home and then create a barrier around the outside to help prevent future pest infestations.  For details on our residential plans and pricing, please visit our home pest control page


Lenoir, NC Termite Control & Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

termites crawling over wood

If you’re finding abandoned wings on window sills or little piles of sawdust around your kitchen cabinets, you could have a termite problem. Once a colony of termites has been established in your home or structure, they can be difficult to get rid of without professional help. A-1 Pest Control has extensive experience finding termite colonies and getting rid of them for homeowners. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to identify if termite activity is present, determine if termite damage has occurred, how extensive the problem is.  Based on our analysis, we’ll recommend a termite treatment plan that may include termite baiting or liquid termite treatments.  For more information on how we exterminate termites in Lenoir, please visit our termite control section.

If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home or are simply concerned that there might be termites and other wood-destroying insects infesting your property, A-1 Pest Control offers WDIR inspections and reporting.  Learn more about this service or click here to order your inspection today!

Say Good Riddance All To Lenoir Pests With Help From A-1

lenoir pest control technician treating for mosquitoes

At A-1 Pest Control, we’re experts in getting rid of pests… all pests!  In addition to solutions for bed bugs, termites, and household pests, we also offer many other services that protect against unwanted and potentially destructive pests.  Services include, but are not limited to:


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