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In 2021, A-1 Pest Control has once again decided to take a look at what this year looked like in pest control, from our own observations to local and national pest trends to some sensational stories…

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More things raid your pantry than just hungry teenagers. Bugs and critters basically spend their lives doing everything they can to get into your dried food and starting their own kingdoms. Because…

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Basements are great for storage, but they can also be a great place for bugs and critters to live. Why are basements such great places for pests to live? And which pests most often frequent the dark…

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They may be cute, but mice are not nice.  Mice can pose health risks to the humans whose space they invade. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) details the bacterial diseases, viruses, and…

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Do it yourself insect control is a big industry; there’s no doubt that you’ve seen dozens of different companies selling a “simple solution” to make any insect problems that you’re having…

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