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The Harms of Ladybugs

As far as insects go, ladybugs are better-liked than most: they eat other insects, don’t spread disease, and in folklore are considered good luck. Basically, they’re considered a non-threat, and…

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If you’ve ever seen a swarm of moths coalescing around a street lamp or a porch light, you may have thought, “Why are they so attracted to light?” You’re not alone: a quick Google search will…

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Mosquitoes have a bad reputation and for good reason. Their worst traits include spreading disease, causing itchy uncomfortable bites, and being a general nuisance buzzing, in that order. With all of…

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You walk into the kitchen and see a trail of ants crawling along your countertops. Maybe you spilled a little coffee a few hours early and neglected to clean it up. Maybe a few stray breadcrumbs from…

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Termites are a major nuisance, and in North Carolina, sometimes it seems like we get some of the worst of it. If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably wondered what it is, exactly, that will cause…

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