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Located in the western Piedmont region, Cherryville, North Carolina is tucked in the northwest corner of Gaston County.  It is home to more than 5,000 residents who appreciate the low-cost living, mild weather, and quiet community.  While insects, rodents, and wildlife are not concerned with how much it costs to live in Cherryville, they are drawn to this small town for the food, water, and shelter it provides.  If you’re a resident or business owner of Cherryville and find yourself encountering pest activity in or around your structure, A-1 Pest Control can help.  We’re a locally owned, family operated North Carolina pest control company that has been providing effective pest solutions since our founding in 1966.  With over 50 years of experience, you can count on our team to resolve your pest problem(s).

Seasonal Mosquito Control for Cherryville, NC

Sometimes it's nice to be surprised when uninvited guests show up to the backyard bbq – except when those party crashers happen to be mosquitoes! Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor activities with their non-stop buzzing in your face and biting. The red welts they leave can itch for days. A-1 Pest Control provides mosquito control treatments during the peak of "mosquito season" in Cherryville. We send technicians to your property several times between April and October to spray probable breeding areas. The treatments eliminate existing mosquitoes and leave a protective barrier on your landscaping to discourage new mosquitoes from coming into your yard.

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Year-Round Home Pest Control In Cherryville, NC

While the mild, year-round climate is a benefit of the Cherryville area that draws many people to want to live in the area, it also draws many pests. Without several months of freezing cold temperatures many pests can survive year-round, and they’ll often head indoors to find easy access to food, water, and shelter. The mild climate means homeowners are faced with pest challenges every season of the year.

If you find yourself struggling with ants, spiders, mice, or other pests, A-1 Pest Control can take care of it for you.  Our Home Shield program offers Cherryville homeowners the pest protection they need at prices they can afford.  Starting as low as $29/month, our Home Shield plan includes:

  • Four scheduled treatments per year
  • Exterior service at every visit, interior service if needed
  • Free re-treatments between scheduled treatments

Should you choose the Home Shield Plus, A-1 Pest Control will take care of the common household pests PLUS fire ants, mosquitoes (during mosquito season), fleas and ticks (outdoor only), and stinging insects.  For complete protection, we recommend our Home Shield Complete which includes all the Home Shield Plus services AND termite protection featuring Sentricon.

Don’t let pests affect your family’s quality of life, contact A-1 Pest Control for effective, year-round home pest control in Cherryville.

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Cherryville, North Carolina Wildlife Removal

Sure, it’s amusing to watch squirrels race across tree limbs and it’s hysterical to watch those YouTube videos of raccoons invading homes.  What’s not funny is when wildlife start invading your home or business.

More than a nuisance, wild animals gain access to structures by crawling through broken window screens, vents, or fascia boards. Once inside, they can build nests, damage belongings, and leave a trail of feces and urine.

They also put people at risk.  At A-1 Pest Control, we understand how dangerous squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife have the potential to be when they move inside.  That’s why we offer wildlife removal in Cherryville that include animal trapping, removal, and exclusions services.  Our goal is not simply to get them out but also to keep them out!  For more information about our wildlife services and for details on our 12-month exclusion guarantee, please contact us today!

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