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Small town charm.  That’s Lincolnton, North Carolina for you.  Located in the heart of the Piedmont region, Lincolnton is the second oldest town west of the Catawba River and home to a rich history that goes back over 200 years.  While times have certainly changed since its incorporation in 1785, Lincolnton remains a great place to live and A-1 Pest Control is proud to service the community by providing effective pest services for household pests, termites, and mosquitoes, as well as other nuisance and potentially damaging insects and rodents.

Preventing Termite Damage In Lincolnton, North Carolina

With termites causing billions of damages to homes in the United States every year, property owners must take action to prevent termite damage in their own structures.  Termites are considered a "silent threat" because they sneak in unnoticed and devour wood including water damaged floors, structural timbers, and other building materials as well as other items made from wood.  Unfortunately, termites can infest for a lengthy period of time before a problem is detecting and by the time the damage is detected, there is significant damage and a costly repair bill.  If you’ve discovered termites in or around your home, witnessed a termite swarm in or nearby, or simply want to be proactive in the fight against termites in Lincolnton, A-1 Pest Control can help!  Our termite control service starts with a thorough inspection to determine if there is current termite activity and how much termite damage has occurred.  Based on our findings, we’ll present a plan of attack that may consist of installing the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, or the application of Termidor®.  Visit our termite control section to learn more about these termite solutions!

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How to Keep Your Lincolnton Area Home Free from Pests

The mild climate of Western North Carolina is not only ideal for the residents of the area, but also for pests! Insects and rodents are a year-round concern for homeowners, but there is something you can do about it. A-1 Pest Control offers Home Shield, a home pest control program that is designed to keep pests out no matter what the season.  Whether you’re looking for just pest control, want protection from common household pests and seasonal pests such as fire ants and mosquitoes, or want protection from all the above plus termites, we can help!  If you’re home has been infested by ants, earwigs, mice or other pests, stop by our home pest control page for plan details and pricing!

Lincolnton, NC mosquito Pest Control

Enjoy Your Backyard Without Getting Bit by Mosquitoes

Most of us enjoy the outdoors, whether we’re relaxing in the hammock, playing soccer in the backyard with the kids, or gathering together with friends and family for a barbecue.  The only drawback to these activities is the mosquitoes that have a tendency to gather with us.  If you’re afraid to step beyond the screen door for fear of getting carried away by biting mosquitoes, contact A-1 Pest Control.  Providing effective mosquito treatments in Lincolnton, our mosquito control experts will visit your property once a month during mosquito season (typically April-October) to treat areas where mosquitoes breed and where they rest.  While it’s impossible to fully eliminate mosquitoes (they fly after all), our control methods significantly reduce the mosquito population so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space.

Why Choose A-1 Pest Control For Lincolnton Pest Control

Simply put, we’re the experts.  Providing pest control since 1966, we know North Carolina pests and exactly how to control them.  In addition to the services already mentioned, we offer one-time treatments for most pests as well as:

  • Commercial pest control
  • WDIR inspections & reporting
  • Bed bug heat treatments
  • Rodent control
  • Wildlife control

With scheduling that’s a breeze, dedicated technicians, and a desire to exceed your expectations and create lasting relationships, A-1 Pest Control is ready to be your Lincolnton pest control provider!

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