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Within an hour's drive of both Charlotte and Asheville sits the city of Morganton, NC. Often called "Nature's Playground", Morganton offers an abundance of opportunities for outdoor adventures.  There is no shortage of things to do in and around the City of Morganton and the residents are in love with their community and all it has to offer.  Regrettably, so aren’t insects, rodents, and wildlife.   A-1 Pest Control has been providing effective pest control services in Morganton and the surrounding communities for over 50 years and has the expertise to help property owners achieve and maintain pest-free homes and businesses.  

Morganton Bed Bug Control

Contrary to popular belief, having bed bugs does not mean you have an unsanitary home or business. Bed bugs are simply opportunistic pests that have mastered the art of hitchhiking! They can get a ride into your home or facility on luggage and clothing, and once inside, they'll reproduce and enjoy a blood meal from your family or perhaps your patrons. If you find yourself with bed bugs, you're going to need professional pest control to get rid of them. A-1 Pest Control has both heat and chemical bed bug treatments to eliminate the infestation completely.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite, contact A-1 for help!

Home Pest Control In
Morganton, NC

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Home ownership is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking.  Maintaining a home that you take pride in is a lot of work.  Let A-1 Pest Control help you protect your home and your loved ones from nuisance and potentially dangerous pests such as ants and mice.  Family owned and operated, A-1 Pest Control is North Carolina pest control company that takes pride in eliminating threats posed by insects and rodents.  We’ve developed our Home Shield program to get rid of common household pests and to keep them out.  What’s more, we offer plans that not only address the insects and mice that sneak inside but also seasonal pests like fire ants, mosquitoes, and fleas, as well as the highly destructive termite.  Visit our home pest control page to view our plans and pricing.

Commercial Pest Control In
Morganton, North Carolina

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As a business-friendly community, Morganton has a variety of businesses and industries within its borders including shopping centers, healthcare facilities, hotels, and manufacturing facilities.  At A-1 Pest Control, it's our mission to protect the companies that conduct business in Morganton from insects and rodents that threaten the health of their employees and patrons as well as their products and facilities.  Our commercial pest control services are customizable and developed based the needs of the individual client.  Our program consists of a consultation and pest inspection, program development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring.  When you choose A-1 as your commercial pest control provider in Morganton, you can expect services that exceed your expectations and thorough documentation demonstrating your company’s compliance for cleanliness and pest control standards in your industry. 



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