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A-1 Pest Control is a local pest control company that has been protecting Western North Carolina communities, like the small rural community of Sherrills Ford, from pests for more than 50 years. We want to help you protect your home from the many pests that also call North Carolina home, pests that want to enter homes or businesses to take advantage of the food, water, and shelter found inside. Our highly trained professionals are dedicated to solving any size pest problem in a friendly and professional manner. To learn more about our QualityPro-certified company and the quality pest control services we offer, give us a call today!

Residential Pest Control In Sherrills Ford, NC

To help you protect your Sherrills Ford home and family from common area pests, A-1 Pest Control offers affordable and highly effective residential pest control plans. To make sure that you are receiving the exact pest control that you, your family and your home need, we offer 3 different year-round residential pest control plans for our homeowners to choose from. Our Home Shield plans have been specially designed to protect North Carolina homes, year-round, from pests. They include:

  •  Home Shield- This plan includes 4 scheduled treatments, coverage against 10+ pests and free re-treatments.
  • Home Shield Plus- This plan includes 8 scheduled treatments, coverage against 15+ pests, free re-treatments, fire ant control, seasonal mosquito treatments, outdoor tick and flea control, and stinging insect control.
  • Home Shield Complete- This plan has everything that is included in our Home Shield Plus plan, plus the addition of indoor flea treatments and the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

In addition to our Home Shield plans, we offer the services needed to rid homes of specific pest problems through our termite control, wildlife control, bed bug extermination, mosquito control services, and more. Give us a call for more details.

Sherrils Ford NC termite solutions

Protect Your Sherrills Ford, NC Home From Termites

Termites and the damage they cause are not something that should be left up to chance. These pests need to be prevented to protect your home’s structure from being damaged, and your bank account from being lowered after paying repair costs. At A-1, we can protect Sherrills Ford properties from wood-eating termites through our highly effective termite-elimination options. These options include:

  • The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ – This highly recommended and very effective system utilizes non-invasive bait stations that are placed strategically around your property. This system is very eco-friendly as chemicals are never injected into the ground on your property. The bait housed inside the stations is highly attractive to termites and works quickly to eliminate the entire colony, then remains in place to prevent their return in the future.
  • Termidor® Treatments – This trustworthy product is a liquid form of termite control which is applied along the foundations of homes, creating an invisible barrier. Termidor utilizes Transfer Effect technology, meaning once a termite comes into contact with the product they become carriers and bring it back to the colony to transfer it to other members, killing the entire colony. Termidor kills termites through ingestion and through physical contact.
  • Termite Pre-Treatment Services – A-1 Pest Control is very knowledgeable in methods of pre-treating soil, slabs, and wood, and can also provide the new construction subterranean termite service that is required in North Carolina. This service is also available for commercial and home remodeling.

To learn more about our termite control process and how we can work together to protect your Sherrills Ford home from wood-destroying termites, contact us today.

Sherrils Ford NC bed bug

Learn How To Identify Bed Bugs In Sherrills Ford, NC

Bed bugs are highly invasive pests that have the potential to hitchhike their way into any Sherrills Ford home. Bed bugs that find their way into a home live in places that include the cracks and crevices found in walls, furniture, floors, box springs, mattresses, and other places like under laundry, inside keyboards, or inside electrical outlets. They hide during the day and emerge from their hiding spots at night to feed on sleeping people. If you spot bugs that have a flat oval-shaped body and are reddish brown in color inside your home or spot common signs of their presence such as blood spots, dark streaks, or piles of shed skin on or under linens, box springs, and mattresses, contact the professionals at A-1 Pest Control immediately. We will quickly come to your aid and eliminate those blood-feeding pests from your home. Our bed bug control process includes:

  • An initial meeting is scheduled where our professionals perform a free inspection, provide a treatment recommendation, and offer a quote.
  • Our professionals provide you with the necessary steps needed to prepare your property for treatment.
  • Treatment is completed to eliminate bed bugs from properties using either chemical or heat treatment depending on your property’s unique needs.
  • Follow-up visits are scheduled to ensure that bed bugs have been completely eliminated from your property.
  • Bed Bug Guarantee. We offer a 60-day guarantee of our services.

What Are The Benefits Of TAP Insulation For Sherrills Ford, NC Residents?

By installing TAP Pest Control Insulation into your existing home or during the building process of your new home, you and your home will receive many benefits. The benefits of TAP (thermal, acoustical, pest control) include:

  • The insulation works to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home all year long, no matter how high or low the temperature is outside.
  • The insulation helps to reduce your home’s energy bills by up to 30%.
  • The Insulation creates a pro-active barrier against dangerous and damaging pests.
  • The insulation reduces outside noises, helping to maintain a quiet environment within your home.
  • The insulation has fire-retardant properties, helping to limit the spread of fire.

To learn more about the installation process of TAP Pest Control insulation into your Sherrills Ford property, reach out to A-1 Pest today and speak to one of our helpful professionals.

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