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For Statesville, North Carolina property owners battling ants, bed bugs, termites, and other pests, A-1 Pest Control is ready to help.  Family owned and operated for over 50 years, we are a local pest control company that values our customers’ time, focuses on creating lasting relationships, and providing cost-effective solutions for whatever’s bugging you.  

Home Solutions for Statesville, North Carolina

At A-1 Pest Control, we’re a pest control company that provides solutions for more than just pests.  Our services protect homes and families from insects and rodents but also radon issues and poor insulation. 

  • Home Shield Program – This is our quarterly pest control service that protects against common household pests all year long.  It includes three plan levels, allowing homeowners to choose the pest protection they need.  Whether it’s just pest control or pest and termite control, our team has the knowledge and tools to keep pests out! Learn more here.
  • Radon Testing & Mitigation – If you’re concerned about radon in your new or existing home, give A-1 Pest Control a call.  We offer two types of radon testing and have the experience and equipment required to correct unsafe levels of radon.  Learn more here.
  • TAP Pest Control Insulation – With TAP pest control insulation, you can eliminate a variety of insects that make their way into your attic PLUS keep your home a comfortable temperature all year-round.  Designed to reduce sounds of traffic and other noises from outside, TAP insulation lowers energy bills, has fire-retardant properties, and creates a barrier against insects.  Learn more here.
Statesville bed bug control

Statesville, NC Bed Bug Extermination

No one likes to talk about – or even think about – bed bugs. While many people believe bed bugs are a result of an unsanitary home or facility, that’s actually not the case. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers and go where the people are.  It’s very common to bring bed bugs home from vacation or to encounter them on airplanes and other public transportation.  For businesses that experience frequent occupancy turnover, bed bugs are a real threat as well.

For bed bug control services in Statesville that are effective and discreet, A-1 Pest Control is the company to contact.  We offer highly effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments as well as traditional bed bug treatments.  Not sure which bed bug extermination method is best for you home or business? Don’t worry! We’ll inspect the infested area and then make a recommendation.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite, contact A-1 today for the best bed bug exterminators in Statesville.

Statesville NC termite control

Termite Control In Statesville, North Carolina

Fact – termites cause more than $5 billion dollars in damages every year in the United States according to the National Pest Management Association.  Also, fact- North Carolina is situated in a moderate termite zone- meaning these wood-destroying pests are active in our region.  Whether you think your home or business has a termite problem already or you’re looking for a termite prevention solution, A-1 Pest Control can help.  Our Statesville termite control services are designed to eliminate and prevent termite infestations and use both liquid termite treatments and termite baiting to accomplish this.  Visit our termite control page to learn more about our services!

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