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The largest city in western North Carolina, Asheville, NC has a population over 89,000. The Asheville community is proud of their culture and have worked hard to preserve the city's historic and architecturally diverse downtown. The mountain city is unique, having rich architecture, annual events such as Shindig on the Green, and a large number of locally owned shops and art galleries among exciting entertainment venues. Residents have it all – including the scenic landscape of the Appalachian Mountains, access to diverse outdoor activities, and unfortunately pests that are annoying and potentially destructive. For relief from insect and rodent infestations, Asheville home and business owners also have A-1 Pest Control ready to help out.  Providing Asheville pest control for over five decades, A-1 Pest Control is locally owned and equipped to resolve pest problems, no matter how severe. 

Home Pest Control In Asheville, North Carolina

If you're tired of squishing spiders or setting traps for mice, maybe it's time to call for professional pest control services. If an infestation of common household pests gets out of hand, you can have far more pests in your home than you can easily eliminate yourself. A-1 Pest Control offers two types of home pest control services to keep Asheville homes free from nuisance pests like spiders, cockroaches, ants, and mice.

One-and-Done Pest Control

If you just want help getting rid of your existing pest infestation, give A-1 Pest Control a call for our one-time service. We'll come out to your home, inspect it thoroughly to discover the types of pests you have, and develop a one-time treatment plan to get rid of them. Don't worry, we're going to use an IPM approach to get rid of the pests with least amount of pesticides we can while still having a successful treatment.

Ongoing Home Pest Control

If you're looking for a pest control solution that will keep your home pest-free all the time, give us a call for the quarterly service plan. Each quarter, an experienced technician will visit your home and apply interior pest control treatments to make sure you have no pests in the house and apply a barrier treatment on the exterior of your home to help discourage new pests from finding their way into your home. We always recommend the ongoing, quarterly visit pest control solutions for homes in North Carolina, as we have a mild climate that results in pest problems all year round.

Termite-Free Homes & Businesses in Asheville

termites in asheville nc

Termites are one of the most troublesome pests that North Carolina property owners face. They are about the size of a carpenter ant, but can carry on with their destructive activities for years before you even realize they're in your structure! Their ability to stay hidden inside the wooden structures of your home or business is probably also why termites are responsible for billions of dollars of damages annually.

A-1 Pest Control offers two solutions for keeping Asheville homes and commercial properties termite-free: Termidor treatments and Sentricon® with Always Active™.   When you contact A-1 Pest Control for termite control in Asheville, we’ll inspect your property thoroughly and, based on our findings, recommend a termite treatment option that best suits your needs. 

If you’ve found termites in the soil by your foundation, discovered mud tubes in or on your structure, or witnessed a termite swarm inside or on your property, contact the termite control experts at A-1 today!

Full-Service Pest Control For Asheville, NC

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A-1 Pest Control is a full-service pest control company providing Asheville and neighboring communities comprehensive pest solutions that protect people, property and quality of life.  In addition to the services highlighted above, we also offer:


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