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Why Are Regular Treatments the Best Treatments for Ants, Spiders, and Beetles?

April 18, 2019

We get a lot of calls from new customers who’ve woken up to pest infestations they never saw coming. One minute you’re flipping a pancake and the next you’re hurling a syrup bottle full of fat ants across the kitchen. It’s not fun.

You may think that a one-time or “do-it-yourself” spot treatment will fix your new founded pest problem. However, the real problem is that these spot treatments aren’t the best treatments for eradicating pests in your home, especially nuisances like ants, spiders, and beetles, which you’ll start to notice more of around this time of year. It’s a cliche, but it’s true that prevention is your best treatment against infestations.

Here’s why.


Ants can crawl through teeny tiny cracks and spaces to get to your wood, your pantry, your countertops. And because they’re so common, every household is likely to play host to a little ant army at least once or twice a year.

That’s why regular ant treatments are your strongest defense against control and prevention. While DIY solutions may seem to beat back the problem somewhat, they’re not ultimately effective and can in fact be dangerous to people and pets. And often these DIY treatments only target the surface of the problem, not getting at the whole nest or colony. You might even send your ants scattering, which could result in a broader infestation with more nests or colonies. Regular treatments are most effective because they’ll eradicate the problem and keep on top of it so it doesn’t build up again.  


Spiders can be scary--and some are even dangerous--and while there are tens of thousands of kinds of spiders throughout the world, you only have to look out for a few in North Carolina.

But those few are important, and investing in regular treatments to keep them away from your home and your yard can be a life-saving decision. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders can pose a serious risk to your health if you’re bitten. But don’t worry! Regular treatments can help reduce and eliminate spiders’ food sources and keep your house spider-free all year.


Beetles don’t bite, but they can cause allergic reactions, infest your pantry, or cause damage to your clothes, blankets, or carpets. Regular treatments will protect you from an infestation, but if you’re seeing a beetle now it’s possible you’re already infested. Professional and ongoing beetle treatment will eliminate these pests from your home and keep them out.

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