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Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Morganton Home This Summer

June 11, 2018

Summer is well on its way and many homeowners in Morganton are already experiencing cockroaches scurrying about inside their homes, and they won’t be going away any time soon. In fact, the population boom of roaches has been significant. With the onslaught of cockroaches this year, you yourself may have even found a few roaches invading your kitchen or bathroom. Cockroaches have no business inside your home in the first place, but that will not keep them from entering. These disgusting pests are not just creepy, but a nuisance as well; more importantly, they put people and pets at risk for germs and bacteria that they carry on their bodies and in their feces.

Cockroaches in North Carolina

Most common to the area are American cockroachesBrown-banded cockroachesOriental cockroaches, and German cockroaches, all of which vary in size, color, and preferences. A similarity they share, however, is how they get into your home and why. Your home could be spotless and you still could unknowingly transport a cockroach or cockroach eggs inside in a grocery bags, packages, and boxes. Cockroaches can also jump into luggage, briefcases, and other items without your knowledge and hitch a ride into your home without you knowing. Other roaches will crawl through tiny crevices around windows, doors, pipes, and wires to gain entry. Even the adult roaches can fit through a space as small as small as 1/16”. This includes cracks in your foundation and exterior walls.

Roaches don’t need much to survive. Just a little food, water, and warm shelter in places like under sinks, in walls, behind wall hangings, or anywhere secluded. They especially prefer warm, moist rooms like pantries, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements. These roaches will oftentimes congregate under appliances and in sinks as well.

If you have not seen any cockroaches yet, or have only seen a few, it may not be too late to take action against them! Here are some late-stage prevention and active exclusion tips to help keep cockroaches out of your Morganton home this summer:

  • Inspect all grocery bags, boxes, and other packages before bringing them inside
  • Take out trash on a regular basis
  • Wash dirty dishes promptly
  • Do not leave water in sinks
  • Clean up food and drink spills immediately
  • Keep food in the refrigerator or in sturdy, airtight food containers
  • Eliminate moisture by fixing broken pipes and faucets
  • Reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier
  • Seal off all entry points in and around foundations, walls, doors, and windows

However, if you have an infestation of cockroaches already, you will need expert help to eradicate them. You can count on A-1 Pest Control serving Western North Carolina, including Morganton, to help you rid your home of roaches. We have been protecting families and homes for over 50 years. Our year-round Home Pest Control offers three plans to choose from: Home Shield, Home Shield Plus, and Home Shield Complete. Contact us at A-1 Pest Control to find out more about which plan best suits your needs.