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Bug Identifier: Know Your Cockroaches

You’ve almost definitely heard plenty of wild truths cockroaches: They can live without their heads for days at a time, they can survive almost anything, they’ve been around for millions of years. Did you know, though, that there are around 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world?

Don’t panic—only 30 of these species are commonly found in areas populated by humans, and even fewer are found in North Carolina. If you want to brush up on your cockroach identification skills, take a look at our guide to the types most common in the Tar Heel State.

Cockroach Identification in North Carolina

Which cockroaches are commonly found in NC?

american cockroach pest

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches, also known as palmetto bugs, are the largest species of cockroach known to invade homes in the country. Most are around one and a half to two inches long, but some can grow to be as long as three inches.

If you’re wondering how to identify an American cockroach, there are a few tell-tale traits.

Dark red-brown in color
Figure-8 pattern behind their head
Wings longer than their body
Capable of flight

Brown banded cockroach

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are named for the brown banding found on their wings, a feature that compliments their light brown color. They are smaller than the American cockroach, coming in at an average of half an inch in length.
Don’t expect to always catch these ones flying, though: While the males can take flight, the female brown-banded cockroach cannot.

A1 oriential cockroach control services

Oriental Cockroaches

Also known as water bugs, Oriental cockroaches have a penchant for damp and dark environments. They can be identified by their shiny black appearance, large size, and their unique odor. That’s right, these bugs emit a foul smell that’s hard to miss.

These roaches are also unable to fly, despite their wings.

german cockroach pest example

German Cockroaches

If you spot a small tan or brown cockroach with two parallel stripes running down its back, you’ve probably identified a German cockroach. These are tiny enough to infiltrate virtually any environment, whether it be your home or business. Their bodies are flat and feature wings, but these roaches prefer getting around on foot, and are notoriously fast runners.

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Cockroach Facts:

Do Cockroaches Bite?

Some cockroaches can bite, though it’s relatively rare for them to do so. If you do get a cockroach bite, it will appear as a red, raised bump on the skin, similar to that of a mosquito bite.

American cockroaches and German cockroaches are both capable of biting. While most cockroach bites are not harmful because cockroaches are not venomous, they may carry bacteria that in some cases can lead to infection.

There are slight variations between species, most roaches lay between 200 and 400 eggs in their lifetime. A female cockroach lays around 16 eggs at once, and has the ability to produce up to 14 egg cases—also known as an oothecae—that adds up to nearly 250 eggs!

The exact rate of multiplication varies depending on the species. While some reach maturity and are able to reproduce in just a couple of weeks, some take up to fifteen weeks. Once they are able to produce eggs, the number and frequency of the ootheca varies from species to species. The American cockroach, for instance, produces two per week at their peak and then one a month, each with about 16 eggs.

There are around 4,500 types of cockroaches in the world, but only a few are found in North Carolina.

What to Do if You Have a Cockroach Infestation

If you are dealing with a cockroach infestation, there are a few steps you can take to put an end to it.

First, make sure to cut them off at the pass. Search for entry points that could be allowing them in, like garbage cans brought in from the street, cracks in the foundation, or holes in a window screen. Seal these spots up to keep more cockroaches from getting in.

Then, get to work trapping or exterminating them. There are plenty of options out there: pesticide, bait traps, or boric acid to name a few. Even something as simple as soapy water can be used to kill a termite!

If you’re dealing with a stubborn or particularly large infestation, though, it may be best to contact a pest control team. At A-1 Pest Control, our team of experienced professionals specialize in cockroach identification, prevention, and extermination. North Carolina homeowners can choose from one of A-1 Pest Control’s Many  residential pest control plans, which offer solutions for every pest from cockroaches to rodents.

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It doesn’t take more than one quick cockroach sighting to make your skin crawl. When that happens, chances are you want that roach out of your home as soon as possible. To do that job effectively, you can turn to at A-1 Pest Control. We have been serving North Carolina homeowners, keeping their homes happier and healthier, for decades. Our team uses the best and latest in pest control technology, while prioritizing the well-being of your family for the long-term.

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