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Radon Testing in Lenoir

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Radon is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless natural gas that can cause significant health problems if you’re exposed to it. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that radon is responsible for more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. every year.

At A-1 Pest Control, we can help you take steps to protect your home and business in Lenoir against radon to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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Effective Radon Testing

While radon is extremely dangerous, it can be detected through simple testing and eliminated with professional radon services from A-1 Pest Control. At A-1 Pest Control we offer two radon testing options. You can choose from continuous monitor testing or charcoal canister testing.

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Continuous Monitor Radon Testing

This type of testing requires a continuous monitor to be set up in the lowest level of your home or business. Typically this is in the basement or crawlspace.

Over 48 hours, the test shows an hour-by-hour count of the amount of gas that is present as well as the overall average. Results are available soon after the 48-hour test time is complete. Once you receive the results, our team will review them with you and discuss a plan to fix any issues.

Charcoal Canister Radon Testing

Two charcoal canisters are placed on the lowest level of your property. They remain there for at least 48 hours to determine if radon is present. Data from the canisters can take between seven to 10 days to gather. This will include average radon levels. If high levels are detected, our team will look at mitigation steps that can be taken to address the problem.

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Radon Mitigation System

Complete Radon Mitigation In Lenoir, NC

Radon Mitigation System

When unsafe radon levels are detected, our team is on the case to offer effective solutions that include installing a radon mitigation system.

How Does it Work?

The system creates a vacuum to vent radon up and out of the building where it will dissipate. This is a safe process that poses no health or environmental risks.

As the process begins, our team will return to your home about two weeks after installation to ensure that gas levels have dropped to a safe point.

Besides radon mitigation systems, we also offer annual testing for the radon system and can provide any repairs or adjustments. There is also a warranty available for the radon mitigation system.

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