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Mosquito Control in Lenoir

Looking for mosquito control in Lenoir? Call A-1 Pest Control at  828-481-9140 for effective mosquito treatment and mosquito prevention in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Mosquito Control in Lenoir

Serving Lenoir Since 1966

Mosquitos are notorious for being a nuisance during North Carolina’s warmer months, but did you know that they’re more than just pesky? Mosquitos are actually one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, with more deaths reported as a result of mosquito bites than from any other insect or animal. If you have mosquitoes on your property, call A-1 for expert mosquito control in Lenoir.

For over 50 years, homeowners in Lenoir and the surrounding area have been turning to A-1 Pest Control to keep mosquitoes at bay and eliminate existing infestations. Throughout that time, we have taken pride in keeping our community safe from some of the worst side-effects of these swarms.

Call  828-481-9140 for the best mosquito control in Lenoir.

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Mosquito Control Services

When you’re planning a party or looking forward to enjoying the nicer weather in your backyard, you probably don’t want to have to account for guests of the blood-sucking variety. The right pest control company can take that task over from you, so you can enjoy your space without worrying about the buzzing and biting of these dangerous but common insects.

Call  828-481-9140 for the best mosquito control in Lenoir.

Mosquito Prevention in Lenoir

Two Types of Mosquito Control in Lenoir

We offer residents of Lenoir two convenient mosquito treatment options, depending on their needs. Learn more about A-1 mosquito control in Lenoir.

Mosquito Extermination for Special Events

Big outdoor summer events like the Fourth of July, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, even last-minute pool parties should be joyous celebrations—and nothing interrupts joy quite like a mosquito, whether it’s two or twenty.

If you’re planning an outdoor event, you can be proactive about the problem with the help of A-1 Pest Control’s one-time mosquito extermination in Lenoir.

The process is simple: Just give us a call to fill us in on the specifics of your event, including date, time, and location. We’ll give you a quote for the treatment, and schedule a session anywhere from 24 to 48 hours prior to the event, depending on what you prefer.

Ready to get started? Call  828-481-9140 for mosquito control in Lenoir.

Seasonal Mosquito Control

For many of our customers looking for Lenoir mosquito control, just once in a while won’t cut it. In those cases, we recommend our seasonal mosquito control treatments for continuous protection.

We offer our seasonal mosquito control beginning either in April or May—depending on the weather of the given year—with monthly treatments continuing through September or October.

The exact cost will depend on the size of the property and areas requiring treatment, but A-1’s initial inspection is complimentary, and we provide a transparent treatment plan and quote up-front.

When it comes time for the treatment itself, our team can complete the process even when you’re not home, and use eco-friendly products so as not to harm pets or livestock. Once completed, a technician will leave a note with all the information you need regarding the next treatment date, along with any tips that might help maintain minimal mosquito presence in the meantime.

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Mosquito Extermination in Lenoir NC

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito treatment is a highly recommended (and effective) choice for North Carolina homes all-year round, but there are plenty of preventive measures you can take to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and keep the effects lasting as long as possible.

To discourage mosquitoes in the time between services:

  • Remove wet or rotting leaves
  • Clear gutters to allow for proper drainage and eliminate standing water
  • Dump standing water that may collect in buckets, planters, etc.
  • Only use sprinklers sparingly to avoid excess water
  • keep vegetation away from the foundation of the house

Call  828-481-9140 for effective mosquito control in Lenoir.

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Contact Your Lenoir Mosquito Control Today!

Mosquitos can put a damper on even the best party, so to keep your home safe and sound, and make sure all of your gatherings are mosquito-free, Lenoir mosquito control from A-1 Pest Control is an absolute must. Our team of experts offers free consultations, bringing decades of expert advice and experience to every project to be sure you are getting the top-of-the-line treatments and technology to keep the mosquitos away.

Whether its one-time inspections and treatments or one of our monthly membership tiers, we have an option to address any and all of your concerns.

Contact A-1 today to learn more about pest-control plans and mosquito control in Lenoir! You can even schedule a free pest control home inspection in Lenoir to get started.

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