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Hickory NC Termite Control

Helping Hickory Since 1966

For nearly six decades, A-1 Pest Control has been helping Hickory homeowners deal with termites. From prevention, to control and extermination, A-1 has always kept up-to-date on the latest in technology and solutions to keep your house safe and sturdy, and keep your family protected from potentially dangerous toxins.

Even before A-1 became the go-to for western North Carolina homeowners in need of termite help, residents of Hickory and nearby cities were no strangers to these little pests. The humid summers and mild winters of our corner of the world might be lovely most of the time, but our climate does have one major drawback: It’s ideal for eastern subterranean termites to thrive.

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Effective Termite Control

Whether you’re looking to prevent a future termite problem in your home or commercial property, you suspect you may have an existing infestation that you want taken care of ASAP, or you just want a thorough inspection done to make sure your house is safe, A-1 has a solution for you.

A-1 offers a free first inspection to Hickory residents, plus a variety of monthly plans to choose from to suit your needs. Our team is also certified in termite technology like Termidor and Sentricon—two of the most reliable tools for eliminating these subterranean pests.

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Termite Prevention in Hickory, NC

Termite Prevention

For many homeowners in Hickory, termite prevention is top of mind. After all, an infestation can lead to major structural damage, and may even result in the collapse of ceilings and floors. To help you come up with a proactive plan to protect your home, A-1 can work with you to determine your needs.

If you are building or moving into a new home in Hickory, A-1 has just what you need to complete the pre-treatment service and inspection of all wood elements in your home, plus the soil it is built on. This will ensure that it is up to code. If you are remodeling an existing structure, A-1 can perform these same inspections.

Most commonly, we utilize a Termidor to prevent and control termites in the homes we treat. This liquid treatment is applied around the foundation of your house, where it creates a barrier. Then, if and when a termite walks through this barrier, they come into contact with the treatment, and begin to die. Those who have come in contact with the barrier then also bring it to the rest of the colony, spreading it throughout the members and killing them before they can do any real damage.

Termite Extermination Services in Hickory, NC

Termite Extermination

If you already have a termite infestation, time is of the essence when it comes to treatment. A-1’s location makes it easy for us to get out to homes in Hickory ASAP, and complete an inspection to determine the best course of treatment.

In many cases, we use the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System to address the problem. The A-1 Pest control team is made up of certified Sentricon specialists, who know how to evaluate your property to determine the sites most affected by the termites. We then place in-ground bait traps in these locations, full of a bait that termites prefer to wood. Once they are trapped, the only way the traps can be opened is with a key, so there is no way for the mites to get out, or for children or pets to get in.

Consuming the bait itself also effectively halts the maturation process, eventually killing off the whole colony.

How do you know it might be time for a treatment? Look for these signs of an infestation:

  • Drywall that appears to be drooping
  • Peeling or cracking paint
  • A hollow sound when knocking on the walls
  • Small, pinpoint-sized holes in the wall
  • Buckling wood floors
  • Crumbling wood
  • Piles of small wings left behind (particularly on windowsills!)
  • Mud tubes around the base of the house

Complete Termite Control In Hickory, NC

A-1 Pest Control has your answers when it comes to termite prevention and extermination in Hickory, NC. Simply give us a call to schedule your first inspection, and to learn more about our monthly pest-control plans!

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