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Adult ladybugs are oval and domed shaped, and their head tucks either completely or partially underneath their neckline. The body of an adult ladybug is usually bright red, orange, or yellow in color and is dotted with black spots or similar markings. The larvae of a ladybugs looks very different from the adults. Larvae are flat, soft-bodied, segmented, and are covered in bristles. They can be mottled gray, black, and tan in color.

Ladybugs are not considered to be a dangerous pest, since they don’t pose any known health risks to people and they aren’t destructive to property. To defend themselves, ladybugs emit a toxic odor, which can be problematic for some smaller animals, but is not toxic enough to be a problem for humans. Ladybugs do have the potential to invade homes and other properties in large numbers and, once inside, can be difficult to eliminate.

During the spring and summer months, ladybugs can be found living outside in gardens and landscaped areas, happily feeding on aphids and other garden pests. In late fall, when temperatures drop, ladybugs gather on the sunny sides of homes, garages, sheds, and other buildings, seeking warmth. As they crawl up the exterior walls, they can find their way inside through gaps or holes. Ladybugs move inside buildings in the late fall in order to have a warm, safe place to spend the cold winter months. Inside, these pests are often found gathered in attics, crawl spaces, under floors, inside walls voids and–during warm sunny days–on window sills.

If you discover a ladybug problem inside your North Carolina home, immediately contact the pest professionals found at A-1 Pest Control. At A-1 Pest Control, we offer effective ladybug control, which is based on proven experience and modern practices. Our team of pest control pros are well versed in ladybugs and have all the tools necessary to eliminate them and other occasional invaders. Contact us today to learn more!

Here’s what A-1 Pest Control recommends for ladybug prevention:

  • Repair cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation and siding.
  • Seal spaces found around wires, pipes, cables and other utilities, which are entering into your home.
  • Caulk spaces found around exterior windows and doors; replace any screens that are torn.
  • Place covers over all vents and make sure there are caps on all chimneys.
  • Replace loose or missing roof shingles, and repair holes along your home’s roofline.
  • Place garden areas as far away from the exterior of your home as possible.
  • Trim bushes, flowering plants, and other landscaping back away from the outside of your home.
  • Before bringing potted plants inside, inspect them for ladybugs.
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