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It’s very difficult to see exactly what a flea looks like without some sort of magnifying device like a microscope. However, we do know what they look like: they’re about 1/8th of an inch long, very thin, and reddish-brown in color. Although these features are difficult to see with the naked eye, what you usually can identify is their big black legs.

While fleas are mostly known to be a problem for household pets like dogs and cats, they can be a problem for humans. Humans cannot get fleas- as in fleas cannot live on humans- but fleas can certainly bite humans, and those bites can be extremely itchy.

Flea bites become visible within an hour after the bite occurs. These bites appear as small red dots and usually occur in groupings around the lower legs, ankles, and feet.

Fleas usually make their way into homes via an animal, typically a household pet. Fleas will jump from animal host to animal host to travel because they aren’t very adept at traveling independently. Once they’ve made their way to a yard, they will hide in shady areas or in tall grass, lying in wait for a new host. This host can be your outdoor pet, which then gives them access to an easy host–and your home.

A flea infestation is relatively easy to identify, although it may not always be apparent right away. Some signs of fleas in the home include:

  • Noticing your pets are scratching, licking, or biting at their fur more than usual.
  • Observing unusual black colored dots in your pet’s fur.
  • Observing fleas hopping around your home, especially on furniture and carpets.

Here is how flea treatments from the specialists at A-1 Pest Control work:

  • Prior to the service, customers perform preparation steps that include cleaning recommendations and safety precautions. We also recommend customers have their pets treated and their pet’s bedding washed before our service.
  • A-1 then applies treatment, utilizing a liquid broadcast treatment and an aerosol broadcast treatment to kill fleas. This is typically in the interior of the homes, but exterior treatments can also be done if necessary for an additional fee.
  • After service, customers should vacuum all floor surfaces once daily to stimulate the flea eggs to hatch out.
  • From the date of treatment, customers have a 60-day warranty. If your fleas aren’t gone immediately, don’t panic! The process just takes a little bit of time to work.

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A-1 Pest Control North Carolina

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