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Learn More About The Pests Common To North Carolina

Have you discovered a bug in your home and are not sure what it is? Maybe you're hearing noises coming from the attic and are wondering what type of critter has invaded.  Use our pest library to learn more about the insects, rodents, and wildlife common to our part of North Carolina.  If you've already identified your pest, please feel free to reach out to A-1 Pest Control to find out how we can help you resolve the problem. 

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carpenter ants looking for food outside lenoir home


Ants are social creatures that typically live and work together in large communities. Their nests can be located outside or unfortunately inside of homes and other buildings. Ants are a very common type of insect, in fact there are more than 10,000 species found living across the world.  Visit our ant identification page to learn more about the…

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bed bug in lenoir home

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a common problem for homes and businesses in North Carolina.  Although it may seem that these biting insects show up out of thin air, the truth is that bed bugs have to originate from somewhere. Learn more about what bed bugs look like, habits, and how they find their way into residential and commercial environments. 

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pigeons on a lenoir businesses roof


Pest birds infestations can lead to serious problems for home owners as well as business owners.   Learn more about the most common types of pest birds in North Carolina including There are many different types of pest birds that call North Carolina home. Find out what makes these birds dangerous to people and property and what can be done to…

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carpet beetle on a sheet in lenoir home

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs and vice versa.  Learn more about carpet beetles including why they are appropriately called fabric pests, what can be done to prevent infestations of these bugs, and how to resolve an existing problem.  

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american cockroach on a cutting board in north carolina home


Roaches are one of the most reviled insects in the world and are unfortunately a problem for homes and businesses in North Carolina.  Learn more about the types of roaches property owners and managers run into in our region, why they infest, and what can be done to get rid of cockroaches.      

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blow fly on a leaf outside lenoir home


According to the National Pest Management Association, there are more than 120,000 species of flies worldwide and 18,000 in North America. Learn about the common types of flies in North Carolina and what you should do if your home or business is experiencing a fly infestation. 

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ladybug up close


While ladybuugs are not considered a dangerous pest, they can still cause quite a nuisance within your North Carolina home with their ability to invade homes in very large populations.

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house mouse in a corner of lenoir home


Mice are commensal rodents, meaning they partially depend on humans for survival.  If there’s an opportunity for mice to infest homes and businesses, you can be sure they'll take it. Learn more about the signs of a mouse infestation and how you can keep mice out of your structure.  

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mosquito biting lenoir homeowner outside


Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world.  That’s because they transmit diseases that can seriously affect health. Learn more about the diseases mosquitoes can carry and how you can protect yourself and your family.

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rat on a kitchen counter in lenoir


Learn more about the different types of rats that call North Carolina home. Discover the difference between different species and how to prevent rats around your home or business. 

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black widow spider on it's web outside lenoir home


While there are tens of thousands of spiders found throughout the world, there are only a handful that are considered common to North Carolina. Learn about the different types of spiders in the Tar Heel state including which ones are venomous and which ones are harmless. 

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bumble bee on a flower outside nc home

Stinging Insects

While beneficial in nature, bees, wasps, and other stinging insects North Carolina can be dangerous to people and destructive to property.  Learn more about these pests including which ones are likely to attack and sting and what to do should you be stung.     

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mosquito biting lenoir homeowner outside

Stink Bugs

While stink bugs are not considered a dangerous pest, they can still cause quite a nuisance within your North Carolina home with their powerful odor and their tendency to travel in large populations.

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termite colony outside lenoir home


Did you know that termites cause more than five billion dollars in damage in the United States every year?  What's more, you could have a serious termite infestation and not even know it.  Learn more about termites, their colonies and caste system, what termite damage looks like, and what to do to control and prevent these destructive pests.   

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squirrel outside lenoir home


Wildlife in homes or businesses can cause major headaches. Find out more about the different types of wildlife that can be found throughout North Carolina and steps you can take to keep nuisance wildlife away from your home and family.

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